What's in season?

Elizabeth Gilhuly, Health Lifestyle Coach

Tuesday, August 04, 2015

Looking to absorb the full, VIBRANT energy of your raw food plate?  Consider following the seasonal wheel of the year... These are foods which are growing aplenty right now.

My garden (well, more truthfully, my boyfriend's garden as he's the one with the real green thumb and the acreage) is filling up with squash, zucchini, yellow zucchini, ghost peppers (he lives on the edge), rainbow chard, watermelon and cucumbers.  We can't eat the squash fast enough!  It's safe to say we start to get creative with what to do with it...

There's NOTHING like picking a cucumber or leaf of rainbow chard right from the garden and taking a bite. They contain so much life. And Nature seems to provide us the nutrients we need to climatize right now... Look at the hottest month of the year (on East coast) and hydrating foods like cucumber and watermelon are in season. I can taste the Spirit of Nature right there and absorb her rejuvenating energy into my spirit.  And, in this cRaZy world, I gratefully indulge in this spirit of peace. There's a synergy of eating food which is growing right now.  It's what you expect as the taste of the season, and it doesn't travel thousands of miles... It's right here and now.

Does your plate prepare you for the here and now?