Eat Raw Donuts Instead

Elizabeth Gilhuly, Health Lifestyle Coach
Thursday, August 13, 2015

Do you aspire to be a raw foodist, whole foodist, vegetarian, vegan, pegan, etc, etc, but wonder how you're ever going to get there because you can't live without donuts? Yes, I was very concerned about this too... But many raw food chefs have come to our rescue with new versions of our favorites... Now we can eat RAW!'s version of donuts instead!

Shift the thought from, "I have to give up," and consider instead replacing, substituting and crowding out.  Crowding out and slowly replacing, one by one, the processed items with the whole and raw items is a great way to go.

You may not realize, but there are MANY raw food recipe versions of your favorite treats... 

The list of dessert options goes on and ON. They are all amazing and guilt free, refined sugar free and grain-free, but not taste-free.

Now that you've had your fill of raw donuts, what about lunch?  Changing up your daily sandwich is as easy as switching out the wrap for a few large leaves of romaine lettuce, or chard, or rainbow chard, or kale.  And kale leaves can be massaged with olive oil and spices on one side of the leaf to enhance flavor and digestibility. Eating gluten-free, I can enjoy a burger wrapped in lettuce.  That's an easy switch! 

Think about how creative you can get... If you need ideas, ask me!