Elizabeth Gilhuly

Health Lifestyle Coach

Whole foodist nourished by Nature. Supporter of the frugally sustainable organic, in-season, raw, sprouted, pasture-raised life!  From early childhood, I've studied the natural world and this curiosity blossomed into purpose as I discovered how to teach others there’s health in connection with it. Consumption is a very powerful action. I deepened my connection with my self, my spirit, by looking away from man-made toward Nature-made (God, if you will), listening to, touching, and tasting the purity offered, and the guidance and knowledge it has to impart. The path to true health is a winding road, a path leading me to a completely new outlook on eating.
Trained in health coaching by the Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN). Pursuing continuing education in coaching and herbalism via other schools.
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